BB Perugia

Perugia, a true ancient gem in Italy

bb Perugia Perugia, narrow medieval streets, beautiful churches, majestic palaces and a long history, is a little gem that slowly unfolds in front of the visitors' eyes, showing all its splendor. Houses, art, treasures and monuments, everything in Perugia witnesses its rich past.

Perugia is an open air museum, with tourists coming from all over the world to feel its cultural heritage, and to soak up the atmosphere both by day and by night.

You ought to visit the most important monuments. From the National Gallery to the Pozzo Etrusco, the Oratory of San Bernardino to Corso Vannucci, we suggest places to visit and unusual itineraries, what to eat or where to sleep, the rest you will find out yourself, and the findings will surprise you.

Hidden Perugia

No one can come to Perugia and not start visiting the National Gallery of Umbria, the Oratory of San Bernardino, la Rocca Paolina or discover its unusual itineraries like a walk trough the streets to discover the hidden Perugia. Five itineraries for discovering the truest and deepest identity of the city of Perugia, which generally escapes traditional tourism, to be taken on foot through an intricate web of alleyways, little streets, small squares, and steps. Be prepared to walk !

Archeological Itineraries

This introduction is intended as a tool to help visitors learn about and enjoy the immense archaeological heritage of the city of Perugia and its outlying districts. It provides visitors interested in antiquity with a series of theme-based itineraries, which can be conducted independently or with tour guides.

The itineraries can be completed on foot, or with public or private transportation, and can take one day or more. Naturally, the itineraries can be connected with each other and supplemented with other historic-artistic itineraries, for a more complete understanding of the city and its environs.

But where to stay or where to eat?

I suggest you to stay in the historical center of Perugia, close to the famous Cattedrale di San Lorenzo. You can reserve a room in a very charming Bed & Breakfast like Nubes Alba bookable online at, and payable by credit card. From there, you can reach on feet almost any interesting thing to visit in Perugia. No need to take a bus.

Also, the historical center is plenty of nice and gourmet restaurants where you can taste the flavor of the Umbrian Cuisine.